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Un viaje para todos los amantes de la fotografía de naturaleza.

DURACIÓN: 4 días
PERIODO: 29/6 -2/7 2023 | 20-23 / 7 /2023
ALOJAMIENTO: Hotel – Guesthouse
TRANSPORTE: Furgoneta SKUA Nature – Barco
COMIDA: Restaurantes – Picnic
DIFICULTAD: Fácil – apoyo de guías expertos en el territorio
PRECIO: 1.950€

+39 0141 918349


This tour aims to give you a full immersion experience with species such as gannets, puffins, razorbills, arctic terns and many others thanks to boat trips, hides and van explorations.

On this unique tour, dedicated to nesting species, we will travel through the frozen waters of the Barents Sea, cross the tundra and enter the taiga to meet all the species that inhabit the lands beyond the Arctic Circle in summer. We will be able to photograph close-ups in the colonies while the boat expeditions will allow us to observe them in action while they feed and, if we have a little luck, we will also be able to meet the Fulmars or the huge Humpback whales.

During our photographic adventure, we will see reindeer and white tailed eagles hidden in the taiga and tundra. We will meet birds such as the Siberian Jay, the Pine Groasbeak and the Hawkowl who will observe us from the trees along the road; as well as we will look for the Ptarmigan, the Red necked Phalarope and the Long-tailed skua.

All these activities will take place when the tundra and taiga are lighten by the endless days of the ‘midnight sun’ and we could find out over the course of a ‘long weekend’!

Cuota base: 1.950€


  • transporte local y excursiones
  • conductores y guía ornitólogo experto en avistamiento de fauna salvaje
  • alojamiento durante 4 días
  • sesiones en hides fotográficos
  • materiales para las experiencias/actividades nórdicas
  • entradas a los sitios/actividades donde se requiera permiso de acceso
  • desayunos, almuerzos y cenas


  •  vuelos de ida y vuelta
  • seguro de viaje
  • propinas



Día 1

Our journey will start at the Ivalo airport in the early afternoon. Once in the van, we will enter the taiga, an habitat that will characterize the first part of our adventure which will begin 250km north of the Arctic Circle. Along the way, small lakes interrupt the endless evergreen forest. With a little luck, we will find the Dipper and make our first stop in Kaamanen. The Siberian Jay, Pine Grosbeack and Siberian Tit frequent the bird feeders installed by the local restaurant. Red Squirrels also are presents to these spots, allowing us to take stunning photos of these acrobats both in pose and in action. We will then have an exclusive photo session in a new photo hide near the restaurant that will allow us completely new perspectives.

Afterwards we will continue our journey along the vast Tana River through a variety of scenic scenery, stopping to photograph a pair of Ulule that have been spotted during the winter. We will reach Kongsfjord for dinner and, once finished, we will be able to enjoy a photo session at a colony of Arctic and Common Terns, and Black guillemots.

Día 2

After breakfast we will visit to the highlands overlooking the Kongsfjord seeking for species such as Yellow-throated Skylark, Dottorel, Ptarmigan and Red-throated Loon in the vastness of the Arctic tundra. We will head to Syltefjord for lunch and on the way we may encounter Arctic and Long tailed Skua.

In the afternoon we will embark from the small port for a sea excursion to the abandoned village of Hamningberg. The crossing will be an excellent opportunity to photograph the beautiful Gannets that nest in a rock tower in the middle of this fjord.

Once docked we will proceed on a beautiful panoramic road up to Vardo, where we will spend the night. Before resting, however, an adventure still awaits us: visiting the great colony of Hornoya illuminated by the midnight sun. Under the warm and soft light that goes from 11 to 12 pm we will photograph Puffins, Razor-bills, Shags and Guillemots at close distances.

Día 3

When we wake up, another exciting boat trip awaits us, this time in the waters around the island of Vardo. In addition to looking for the birds that we will have seen on Hornoya the night before, we will try to approach the Fulmars, extraordinary pelagic birds, but above all we will look for the giants that inhabit these waters: humpback and fin whales are often present in this season together with minke whales, porpoises and white-beaked dolphins.

Back on dry land we will begin our descent south through the Varangerfjord looking for Short-eared Owls, White tailed Eagles, Red necked Phalaropes, Arctic Terns, Kittiwakes and all the species that migration has brought to these wild lands.

In the evening we will stay overnight again in Kaamanen where we will be able to photograph the forest species but we will also be able to look for Goldeneye and Bleack throated loon.

Día 4

In the morning, depending on the flights, we will have breakfast and head to the airport waiting for the next adventure together!

Common Eider, Long Tailed Duck, Dottorel, Barred tailed Godwit, Oystercatcher, Golden Plover, Pourple sandpiper, Red necked Phalarope, Arctic Tern, Common Tern, Black Guillemot, Common Murre, Brunnich’s Murre, Razorbill, Atlantic Puffin,  Shag, Gannet, Fulmar, Long-tailed Skua, Arctic Skua, Ptarmigan, White tailed Eagle, Hawkowl, Short-eared Owl, Whooper Swan, Red necked Loon, Black necked Loon, Goldeneye, Siberian Jay, Siberian Tit, Pine Groasbeack, Fox, Reindeer, Humpback Whale , Fin whale, Harbour porpoise, White-beaked dolphin.

  • Photo lenses: Lenses with a focal length of at least 400mm are recommended for wildlife photography, in some cases even short focus distance lenses will be needed. For landscape a short or a wide-angle lens is ideal.
  • Clothing suitable for outdoor activities. Temperatures remain between 5 and 20°C. It is very important to choose clothing that guarantees comfort and safety.
  • Sleep mask, Moisturizer cream.
  • Compruebe los posibles documentos necesarios derivados de la pandemia COVID.
  • Se requiere un seguro de viaje.
  • Le recomendamos encarecidamente que reserve vuelos que permitan el reembolso en caso de cancelación o cambio de itinerario.

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