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Through Extremadura and Andalusia to discover the Spanish fauna in the most romantic season of the year


The perfect trip for wildlife photographers.

DURATION: 7 days
DATES: 8-14/10/2023
ACCOMMODATION: Local lodges and hotels
MEALS: Restaurants – Packed lunch
DIFFICULTY: Easy, support from expert guides about the area and photography – mild temperature
INFORMATION: SKUA headquarters – 0141 918349

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A tour that will let you discover our 3 reserves belonging to the WILD IBERIA project, to photograph local fauna, with the special focus on the Red Deer that gather in this period of the year for the Rutting ritual spreading in the air the roar of the great males. We will first visit Extremadura in the reserves of La Parrilla, located in the Monfrague Natural Park, and Las Viñas, near the Portuguese border. These reserves are specialized in the photography of vultures: large colonies of Cinereus Vultures, Griffon and Egyptian Vultures inhabit these areas and from the ‘Muladar’ it will be possible to photograph these animals in flight or on ground. Also here, thanks to well-equipped nocturnal hides, we could photograph elusive predators such as Genet, Beech marten and Fox.

Later we will move to Andalusia, in the Alpasin reserve located in Sierra Morena, famous for the photography of the big Eagles. Together with the deers, here we will be able to photograph the Spanish imperial eagle, Golden eagle and Bonelli’s eagle. Depending on the years, it may also be possible to photograph the Iberian lynx, endemic of the Iberian peninsula.

All this in one week through the west and south of Spain, all inclusive from Madrid airport to Madrid airport, what are you waiting for?!

RATE PER PERSON: from € 1 850
SRS: 120 €


  • Transfer Madrid airport, la Parrilla, las Viñas, Alpasin, Madrid airport
  • 3 nights in La Parrilla lodge
  • 3 nights in Adamuz hotel
  • Professional photo hides in La Parrilla
  • Professional photo hides in Las Viñas
  • Professional photo hides in Alpasin
  • Full board: Lunch, dinner and breakfast
  • Assistance from experienced wildlife and photography staff


  • Roundtrip airfare
  • Tips
  • Travel insurance

Day 1

Once landed in the afternoon on Madrid we will move to LA PARRILLA, in the Monfrague National Park. Upon arrived we can enjoy a photographic session at the ‘drinking hide’ where many passerines will keep
us company while they take a refreshing bath. After dinner, anyone can enter to another hide, well equipped for night photography, where you can try to photograph the elusive nocturnal predators such as Genet, Beech marten and Fox with fixed light or flash.

We will spend the night, and the next two, in the estate thanks to the lodge built in the center of the reserve and we could fall asleep listening to the song of the Eagle Owl that inhabits the rock cliffs in front of the rural house.

Day 2

We will spend this day inside the La Parrilla reserve, immersed in the vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub. In the morning we will dedicate ourselves to photographing the deer from the hides where the males will face each other to conquer the groups of females. We will have lunch in the reserve and then, after the dutiful ‘siesta’, in the afternoon we will try the hides for Hawfinch, Redpoll, Iberian magpie and Kestrel. In the evening we could try another session in the nocturnal hides of the reserve looking for new shots of the animals that inhabit the night.

Day 3

Immediately after breakfast we will move to Las Viñas reserve where we will be able to photograph Griffon Vultures, Balck Vultures, Egyptian Vultures and Black Kites in the hills of Acehuche, in the typical Spanish dehesa, in flight or on the perches just few meters from you. In the afternoon we will visit the drinking hide of the reserve: in this season many species of passerines visit the watering holes, so much that it is not uncommon to photograph up to 20 species in a few hours. In the evening we will return to the Parrilla and whoever wants can try one last session at the night hides.

Day 4

In the morning we will try one last hide in the Parrilla reserve, the ‘Muladar’! Dozens and dozens of Black Vultures and Griffon Vultures land among the red rocks of the reserve and come to drink a few meters from the hide, an unforgettable experience to greet Extremadura in the best way. After lunch our transfer to Andalusia will begin where we will arrive for dinner in Adamuz and rest in the local hotel to prepare for the adventures of the following days.

Day 5-6

Located in the heart of Sierra Morena, the hides of Alpasin reserve allow you to photograph a large variety of animal species and in these days, accompanied by the local guide, we will try to get the best possible photos.

We will observe the great deer launching their calls among pines and oaks, we will meet the Golden Eagle and Bonelli’s eagle a few meters away thanks to the famous dedicated hides and with a little luck we could photograph the Spanish imperial eagle and the Iberian lynx wandering among the olive trees of the sierra.

The latest generation hides allow maximum photographic comfort and thanks to the expert guides you can best photograph all the species present in the area.

Day 7

After breakfast it will be time to leave Adamuz hills to head back to Madrid where we will arrive around noon; once at the airport it will be time to say goodbye while waiting for the next adventures together!

Black vulture, Gryffon, Egyptian vulture, Black kite, Golden eagle, Spanish imperial eagle, Bonelli’s eagle, Hawfinch, Blue rock thrush, Azure winged magpie, Redpoll, Crested Lark, European Stonechat, Western Orphean Warbler, Sardinian Warbler, Spotless Starling, Red deer, Genet, Beech marten, Fox, Iberian linx

  • Recommended clothing for temperatures from 10° to 25°
  • Bring a torch
  • Travel insurance is required
  • We strongly advise you to book flights that allow for refunds in the event of cancellations or changes to the same.
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