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The best photographic experience to bring you closer to nature

Latest generation photo hides

Each hide has been designed by our team of environmental experts and engineers to fit seamlessly into its environment.

Our experience as guarantee

With more than 13 years of experience, we are the most skilled company in our industry. Behind every new project is a decade of wildlife and photography knowledge to ensure that every photographer getthe best combination between functionality and comfort.

Ethical code

The places where we operate are a natural paradise that we preserve and maintain thanks to our photo-hide activities. For this reason, we apply the highest ethical and moral standards in our daily activities with wildlife: we keep the animals wild, we prevent them from getting used to the presence of humans and we never use live prey in the hides.

Hide rules

In our hides, we apply a set of rules to ensure the welfare of the animals and maximize the opportunity to photograph them for a memorable experience.

No smoking

Smoking in the hides is strictly prohibited, both because of the regulations in force and in order not to disturb the wildlife and to ensure a successful photo session.

Do not leave the hide

The animals are accustomed to the silence which prevails in and around the hides. Leaving the hide during an ongoing session disrupts the behavior of the species, which may decide to leave the area temporarily or permanently.

Do not touch the glass

The special glass prevents the animals from seeing what is happening inside the hide. However, if you get too close to the window, the animals might sense movement that alters their behavior and then leave the area.

Keep quiet

Animals are not accustomed to hearing strange sounds. Loud, persistent noises can interfere with the activities of the species you are photographing. Silence your cell phone, keep conversations to a minimum, and if necessary, speak softly.

Follow instructions

When you enter one of the hides, you will be accompanied by one of our expert guides. Please pay close attention to the instructions and follow them from the moment the guide leaves the hide until he/she returns at the end of the session.

Be patient and stay alert

Wild animals are unpredictable, and it is possible that nothing will happen for hours and exactly in the last 5 minutes something unexpected will occur. Be patient and do not miss a thing!